In-Store / Retail

Quick and secure payment options are critical in today’s retail environment. Whether your business demands a simple countertop solution or a multi-unit Point of Sale system, we have cost efficient options designed to streamline your business and help grow your revenue.

Solutions include –

  • Point of Sale: Intuitive, cloud-based solutions to process multiple types of transactions while managing multiple aspects of your business.
  • EMV and Contactless (NFC) capable terminals: Secure technology allows you to accept EMV as well as mobile payments including Apple Pay(add registered sign above), Samsung Pay (add trademark)and more.
  • Check Services: Accept personal checks without the risk
  • Gift Cards & Loyalty Programs: Programs designed to grow revenue by expanding your customer base and encouraging repeat business from your loyal customers.


Whether you’re a budget conscious entrepreneur just starting out or an establish business looking for growth, our cost-effective mobile solutions are both intuitive and scalable. With multiple hardware options, you can process EMV and contactless payments using any mobile device or tablet providing your customers the payment experience they expect.

Features –

  • On the Go: Quick, simple and secure payment processing from any location your business takes you.
  • Flexible: Multiple hardware options provide for a variety of connection types.
  • Secure: Enhanced security to protect both the customer and your business.


User-friendly and flexible solutions are designed to grow your business online quickly and efficiently. No IT department needed, any business owner can customize and publish quickly without needing a web developer.

Suite of solutions include –

  • Payment page builder: easy to use templates allow you to build a quick web page to accept payments for products, services, donations and more.
  • Shopping cart: a robust merchant services program that includes templates for your store, marketing tools, social media integration and more.
  • Virtual terminal: accept payments from your computer without additional hardware, or use a simple plug-in device for swiped transactions.
  • User-friendly: no need to be a developer to get your account up and running.

Integrated Payments

For Independent Software Vendors, developers and businesses, integrating payments into your software is a game changer. With a full team of developers and an Implementation Services team, we’ll handle the heavy lifting and ensure a smooth process.

Integrated payment products include –

  • Credit, Debit, ACH, EMV, online, mobile and NFC payments
  • Recurring Payments
  • Credit Card Vault
  • Account Updater
  • Virtual Terminal

Integrated payment tools for developers include –

  • Sample code
  • Testing environment, sandbox and testing devices
  • A variety of languages available including PHP, Python, Ruby, JavaScript and WCF
  • Unlimited technical resources
  • GitHub code repository available
  • Customized payment data and reporting


Security is an essential priority for all of our payment solutions. We use a built-in suite of security tools to protect both your business’s and your customer’s data.

Solutions include –

  • EMV Technology: multiple solutions available with built in technology allowing you to accept EMV payments and reduce card-present fraud.
  • Tokenization and Encryption: an added layer of security that provides Point-to-Point, End-to-End Encryption which changes credit card information into fraud resistant code.
  • PCI Compliance Program: designed to help you validate compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) and minimize data security issues.
  • Fraud Prevention: our internal team monitors your account and transactions for fraudulent activity, 24/7.
  • Data Breach Protection: in the event of a breach, the program covers you up to $100,000 to offset any resulting financial obligations.

Analytics and Reporting

We understand the value of data. With our robust tools, we’ll help you leverage your merchant account to provide actionable insight into your business and customers. With 24/7/365 access to our cloud based systems you can focus on running your business and know your data is just a click away.

Features include –

  • Insights:  business analytics to help grow and protect your business, from revenue trends to managing your social media reputation and more.
  • Online statements:  easily access merchant statements and transactional data.
  • Customized reports:  build custom reports to meet your needs based on variables including time frame, card detail, batch reports, card acceptance mix and more.

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